Right-Wing Populism

Democratic backsliding is fundamentally linked to the rise of right-wing populist parties (RWPPs). It is leaders of RWPPs at the helm of illiberal democratic projects that are at the forefront of undermining democratic institutions. They aim to capitalize on the dissatisfaction of people with the political system and their individual economic and social prospects and worries. Understanding the electoral success of RWPPs is crucial if we want to successfully safeguard liberal democracy.


Understanding right-wing populism and what to do about it

In this project we compile an extensive report about the reasons for the electoral success of right-wing populist parties (RWPPs) in 17 European countries looking at the Three Ps:

  • People: Why do individual people vote for RWPPs?
  • Policy: What is the role of policy?
  • Party: What makes certain RWP parties more successful than others?

The structure of the Three Ps provides a framework to address key questions many progressive decision-makers, strategists and citizens have:

  • Is it cultural or economic concerns that drive support for RWPPs?
  • Can economic and social policy prevent the success of RWPPs?
  • Can populism alone explain the success of RWPPs?
  • What should progressives do to address voters of RWPPs?

The report will provide comprehensive answers to those and many more questions and include hands-on visualizations, policy recommendations as well as an in-depth insight into country-specific and regional peculiarities and distinctions. 

The report will be published in Q1 2022.

A cooperation project with Daphne Halikiopoulou (University of Reading) and Tim Vlandas (University of Oxford).


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