Understanding right-wing populism and what to do about it

ETUI-FES joint event • Brussels • 13 October 2022

Date: 13 October 2022, 12:30 - 14:00
Location: ETUI meeting room, Ground floor ITUH
· Brussels

Against the background of rising support for right-wing populist parties (RWPPs) in Europe, FES Democracy of the Future has recently published the report Understanding Right-Wing Populism And What To Do About It which unpacks the reasons for the success of these parties. The report identifies regional patterns and commonalities of RWPPs across Europe, showing the relevance of economic concerns driving right-wing populist support and the relevance of generous welfare policies in mitigating their success. One important take-away of the report's findings is that countering the success of right-wing populists in Europe requires progressives to focus on issues of (economic) inequality rather than cultural issues. This is especially relevant in the light of increasing economic uncertainty following the energy and inflation crisis. It is also an important contribution to the discussion on how unions should respond to the right-wing populist challenge in terms of policies.


Introduction and chair: Nicola Countouris, ETUI Director of the Research department

Presentation of the FES report by Daphne Halikiopoulou (University of Reading) & Tim Vlandas (University of Oxford)

Comments by Esther Lynch (Deputy General Secretary, ETUC) and NN, MEP TBC

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