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FES Democracy of the Future is part of the international branch of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung working on democracy in the OSCE region and based in Vienna. In collaboration with researchers, we explore and look for answers to key questions concerning democracy:

  • How dangerous is social and political polarisation for democracy?
  • What political instruments are available to take the edge off political division?
  • What role could citizens’ assemblies  play?
  • How do economic inequalities affect the democratic system?
  • What effective strategies are there to work against autocratic models?
  • How can we we combat the rise of right-wing populism?
  • How should the democracy of the future look like?

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Our Topics

Polarisation & Democracy

Polarisation & Democracy

People have different opinions. Respecting the pluralism of opinions and convictions is one of the key tenets of a democracy. But democracy also requires coming together and finding a compromise. What happens if polarisation turns toxic and undermines this basis for compromise and progress? Find out More

Citizens' Assemblies

Citizens' Assemblies

Many democracies around the world have been plagued by increased political and societal polarisation, decreasing trust of citizens in the institutions of representative democracy and a decreasing willingness of citizens to participate in political processes. Can citizens' assemblies help alleviate these developments? Find out More

Inequality & Democracy

Inequality & Democracy

How does inequality affect democracy? How unequal is participation and voter turnout? Are legislative bodies in fact an image of the society they assert to represent? How can we make democracy more equal so it fulfills the promise of equal consideration of interests and opinions? What can progressives do about that? More

Right-Wing Populism

Right-Wing Populism

Democratic backsliding is fundamentally linked to the rise of right-wing populist parties (RWPPs). It is leaders of RWPPs at the helm of illiberal democratic projects that are at the forefront of undermining democratic institutions. Understanding the electoral success of RWPPs is crucial if we want to successfully safeguard liberal democracy. More



»Citizens’ assemblies will improve our communication with citizens«

FES Democracy of the Future Citizens Assemblies

Workshop, Podgorica, Montenegro, 22 & 23 September 2021


Hambach Democracy Dialogue 2021

FES Democracy of the Future Hambach

Public virtual conference on 8 & 9 July 2021



Merkel, Wolfgang; Milačić, Filip; Schäfer, Andreas

Skupštine građana

Novi načini za demokratizaciju demokracije

Download publication (420 KB, PDF-File)

Müller, Manuel

Making the most of transnational lists

Electoral equality at EU level through proportional compensation
Brussels, 2021

Download publication (230 KB, PDF-File)

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