Unequal Democracies: Who does (not) vote in Croatia?

12.03.2024 • 10:00 • Novinarski dom, Zagreb

Elections and parliaments are the heart of democracies. In elections we exercise our right to vote to figure out who should govern us and what direction and policies our societies should undertake.

But more and more people do not exercise their right to vote anymore. Who are the non-voters? Are they simply disinterested in politics or do they no longer believe it matters what they say and who they elect?

The country report series of UNEQUAL DEMOCRACIES will be launched with the presentation of the country report WHO DOES (NOT) VOTE IN CROATIA? in Zagreb on March 12th, 2024, at Novinarski dom.

Find more information about the Croatian country reporthere and about UNEQUAL DEMOCRACIEShere.